ikounter is here to save you money and time. This product is changing the way businesses keep track of their inventory. We didn’t just address the products you have in stock waiting to be sold – we’ve tackled the products that are currently sitting on your bar! Made with plenty of versatility, ikounter allows YOU to decide how you use it. Track a single bottle, your more expensive liquor or your entire inventory.The choice is yours!


iKounter helps you keep track of every single drop of beverage in your outlet, much more affordable & simpler than you imagine!

Detect Over-pouring

Over-pouring is one of the top culprits for profit loss in many restaurants and taverns. Many businesses have purchased pricey pourers or costly customized glasses in an effort to prevent this occurrence. However, to no avail. iKounter allows you to track the amount of liquor dispensed and compare it to the profit generated for that specific item. It’s all numbers afterall. This will allow you to see if your profit is being poured away!

Detect Spillage

Great for monitoring your beer!!! Have you noticed that you are losing revenue in this area. Allow ikounter to monitor your tap. Engineered to detect spillage, we can detect if your sales are not matching what’s coming out the tap. Small leakages add up. ikounter can catch them quickly so you can get back to bringing in revenue.

Detect Theft

ikounter offers assistance with analytics that are based on the profit margin you create for your business. Our software allows you to assign a certain number of drinks that should be dispensed per liquor bottle to your entire inventory. ikounter can alert you if you did not reach that number and identify your shortfall. No one likes to think that their staff would give away free drinks, but it happens. It never hurts to be proactive, especially when your money is on the line.

Benefits of Analytics

It’s simple, we help you plan better and make sound promotional strategies. Keeping track of your output will allow you to maximize your return and make evidence based decisions to manage your business and staff.The possibilities are endless when using ikounter.